SillyDog watched me filling the truck with trash destined for the dump.  Every back-n-forth sent her into greater gravel tossing spins of hope.  “I’m going, aren’t I?  You’re taking me, right?  I promise not to drool on the elbow rest. Pleeeeeeeeease.”

“Yes, you are going with me.”  By the time I grab my purse she is the dog by which all bliss is measured.  “Wait”.  I smooth the seat protector as an excuse to practice the command.  I started training her on the word after she once threw herself onto bags of groceries which she couldn’t see.  Groceries went everywhere.  “Release” and she goes airborne like a gazelle.  For a chunk she is remarkably adept at jumping in.

The recyclables and tools I need for later confine her on the seat behind me.  I can’t help but smile when the cool air stops her from panting.  Yeah Buddy.  It is the best time to travel with this particular dog.

From the dump to the Tuli house is a hop-n-a-skip.  I’d promised Grace I’d paint the southern gable.  I  thought it looked relatively okay before painting, but a coat of the rich white paint she bought made it really look outstanding.  I did a great job of not dripping paint on the shingles or down the light brown stucco wall.  However, Grace admitted when she was appreciating the paint job later she noticed I missed a spot where the ladder touched the wall.  I’ll touch up that spot when I return.  I also want to mimic the paint pattern onto the backyard shed.

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Our home has a sunroom, a separate room attached on the east end of the house.  The original designers must have thought if windows to the east and south was great imagine how good it would be to also put them on the north and french doors into the house on the west.

Every vertical surface has windows, except for the tiny washer closet.  13 windows which start a foot from the floor and 6′ high. South side gets four more panels up high.  It’s the world’s worst place to hide in case of a tornado or tremendous straight line winds.

It’s awesome in the fall and above freezing winter days, all warm and cozy in the low angle sun.  Open the curtains and french doors to drain the heat into the rest of the house.

In the summer it is an awful heat trap thanks to the lack of an operable high window or skylight.  The window openings slide sideways and are all below 3′.  I have to be seated to keep from cooking my nose hairs.

I’m tempted to remove a high stained glass panel and replace it with an adjustable vent.

I have four months to think about it.

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Our weather has been all over the place.  The first cold front rolled in early October.  Not very cold but really windy.  Then it warmed back up.  Then it got cool  for two days.  Now it’s warm again.


I was too busy to pay notice of upcoming weather.  Thankfully, Grace was paying attention.  She knows how I hate wind.  She put the bug in my ear the day before.  Don’t forget the cold front backing into the state, bringing strong winds.  Be ready.

I immediately went out and took down the two wind chimes and wall art.  Hooked the screened porch door, so it wouldn’t slam all night.  Tossed some boards on top of the rabbit fortress to hold down the tarp.  It will be walked off the tarp by morning, but maybe it will help.

Bam! The storm struck at 4:30 am.  It screams around the corner of the house near my head.  The metal slide gate on the roof swamp cooler sounds like somebody is dropping big marbles on it.  Gotta retape that.  By 5:00 a.m. the noise has driven me to get out of bed and sip hot tea.

I have indicators of how strong the wind was.  The back porch carpet rug is rolled up in a corner.  A rolled up tarp on the screened porch has walked a couple of feet without unrolling.  The older tarp on the rabbit fortress is torn to shred which means I’ll be finding pieces forever.

See y’all later.  I’m going back to bed.

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Just a couple of interesting photos.


plier pinch 2016

The results of getting pinched by pliers.

scary bug 2016 july

A weird looking bug.


old balloon off trail

A helium balloon found on a trail. Amazing how people can trash an area without walking on it.

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Who knew kitchen spray oil would work to loosen a part on the string trimmer.  Too lazy to go to the shed for the real stuff.



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diablo-stickfast-sanding-disc-kit-2016I bought this drill attachment to deep sand.  The photo doesn’t show it well.  The part on the left has a short shaft that goes in the drill chuck.

I appreciate the sticky sandpaper discs.  Peel off the clear plastic, slap it on the black part you can see in the photo.  The unsupported black foam along the edge deteriorated quickly, but the red plastic has held up fine.

It works very well.  Quickly turned into my favorite porch sanding tool.  Easy on the knuckles; hard on the wrists.

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front-porch-paint-peeling-2016-sept-04The front porch gets used and abused more than any other walk surface on our place.  Dog nails, heavily lugged boots and intense summer sun all work to destroy the protective layer.

We repaint the busiest part at least every year.

Can you see the problem created by the original installers?  The space between boards is too narrow.  It catches dirt and especially pet hair.  Can’t get it out before repainting so we paint over the hair capturing it for posterity.  Looks crappy.  Holds water.

grinder-sander-replacement-2016-sept-04The paint is probably six coats deep in places.  When a chip comes off, it’s deep.  The surface looks bad even after two coats.  I wanted to sand down to a coat or two so the chipped spots wouldn’t stand out so.

I like my little Makita angle grinder.  Perhaps I can make it do double duty.  Bought this attachment.  No directions in the package.  Spent five minutes trying to detach the protective glue backing from the sandpaper.  There is none that I can tell.

I used contact spray to glue the disc to the black part.  Not sure why they manufactured risers on the black thing.  Makes for less surface adhesion.

My hand has to stay parallel to the porch.  I foresee my knuckles taking a beating.


The new sander tool didn’t work at all.  The sanding pad kept flying off.  Maybe it was because my contact spray was too old.   I’ll try it again one day.

I went and got an attachment I can use in my portable drill.  Now that worked great.  More in a later post.

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